Poor man goes to police station, begs officers in viral video to lock him up

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A man named Alex Omondi stunned officers at a Kenyan police station after he emerged randomly to ask them to lock him up just like that.

Alex reportedly told the officers that he has no place to sleep after his landlord locked him out.

“I don’t have a place to sleep. My house has been closed by the landlord. So, I am here because the police motto is Service to All,” he said almost naively.

Shockingly when he was reminded by the ‘cooperating’ officers that it’s only criminals that can be locked, he said he needed to be framed up so that he end up in jail.

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Alex told the policemen that they can decide to keep him incarcerated or take him to court so the judge can decide his fate.

He also suggested that they fabricate a crime against him which will help him get locked up.

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“Or is there a flag hoisted somewhere that I can lower so that you find something to arrest me for?,” the desperate man asked the unyielding officers?

Watch the sad video as shared on Twitter;

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