Pope Skinny Whips Shatta Wale AGAIN In New Diss Song Titled ‘Naabu33’ After Wale Dropped This Song (Full GIST)

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Is there even a way for anyone to be able to truly hurt Shatta Wale? The guy is literally undaunted by all of the bad things Pope Skinny has said about him and as it stands now, he seems to be benefitting more from it.

So Pope Skinny indicated that he wasn’t going to reveal more secrets about Shatta Wale because lots of people have called him to stop and that they’ve also spoken to Shatta Wale not to say anything about him. So that explains why there’s not been anything new.

Pope Skinny
Shatta Wale & Pope Skinny

Well, they’ve decided to use music to reply each other now, I guess and yesterday, Shatta Wale posted himself in the studio singing a new song ‘Juju’ he made to reply the ‘juju’ allegations leveled against him by his former right hand man, Pope Skinny.

In one of Pope’ Skinny’s exposes’, he disclosed that Shatta Wale used black magic aka ‘Juju’ in his music and that soon God was going to expose him, so Shatta Wale decided to record a song for him and it’s likely to be a hit song.

Now you might want to watch a bit of the recording of that song below and then continue reading after.

We are 105% certain that, Pope Skinny was not happy about how Shatta Wale was using the negative narrative about him to make money, so he also decided to jump on a new song titled ‘Nabueerrr’.

Now that title is a Ga word, and it’s used to usually tease someone with a big mouth–Ummm, I don’t even know why Pope Skinny will feel something like that will hurt Wale.

So we listened to the content of the song and it was a direct diss to Shatta Wale, and he describes Shatta Wale as an ungrateful person.

Wait wait, it’s best if you just listen to the song and tell us what you think.

From ‘Gbee Naabu’ to Nabuerr, Chale Wale too suffer oo.

Listen to Pope Skinny Diss to Shatta Wale below and Download also here


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