Popular feminist and NDC MP hopeful for Anlo, Dela Goldheart caught up in alleged fraud scandal

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Amelia Amemate, also known as Dela Goldheart has been caught up in a stinking scandal just when she was lacing up her boot to launch her political career on the ticket of the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC.

Dela is gearing up to contest the parliamentary elections for the Anlo district in the Volta Region as far as the NDC primaries are concerned.

However, one Mordey Stephen on Facebook has accused her of diverting funds meant for a young man who needed funding badly to secure a scholarship abroad for her personal gains.

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When Dela shared the plight of the needy student online, Stephen decided to contribute ₵1,455, and she asked that the money be sent to her directly.

Checks later revealed the young man in need of assistance had not gotten the money after the influencer wrapped up her social media fundraising, which in general received positive feedback from her followers.

According to information gleaned from leaked screenshots dropped by Stephen to support his claim, the young man in need of help admitted that Amelia Amemate never gave him even a pesewa of the money that was sent to him (through her).

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Here’s what Stephen posted;

Dela Goldheart or Amelia Amemate, whichever you call yourself. On the 18 of November 2022, you made a public post soliciting funds for a young man who needs help paying his visa application fee to go study abroad as he has already secured a scholarship. I contacted you and asked how can I assist, you asked me to send the money to you so you could send it to the young man and you will ask him to contact me and thank me personally. I had my doubts about sending the money directly to you because of your ways on social media. But that moment wasn’t time to do back and forth considering someone’s opportunity is on the line. Within minutes I sent you Gh1455.30. I never heard from the young man (it didn’t bother me). I only found out a few days ago that he contacted me but the message went into my spam folder (message request). To my surprise, the young man said you never gave him a pesewa of all the money that was sent to him. That is a very wicked thing to do. When he asked for the list of the donors, you gaslighted him. But the young man being smart, reached out to a few people who commented on the post asking to help him to thank them.

When I reached out to you asking for a refund of the money I sent to you, initially wanted to accuse the young man of a plot to tarnish your name, but when I told you I have screenshots from him, you changed your line of defense to you used the money to support other people. How do you solicit funds for someone and use the money to support someone else without giving a pesewa to the person in question? That is fraud. You are a THIEF.

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To accuse me of trying to tarnish your name will not scare me. I have screenshots. As I asked you during our chat, come with evidence and clear your name.

As usual of you, when you are confronted with the truth, you take the route of insult rather than clearing your name, and it is your type that is vying for parliament.

As my cousin always says, how interesting a festival will be, we will see it or notice it at the opening ceremony. How honest you will be should you be given the mandate to lead your constituents is what you are currently displaying. You are only going to steal from them and embezzle public funds. When you are probed for accountability, you will resort to insults.

Your header reads “The world will be a better place if we work at it”. But here you are, defrauding your followers.

NDC delegates, this is the person asking for your votes to lead you. A thief and a confident trickster.

If you sent money to support the young man he made a post about on 18/11/22, I want to inform you, the young man never received any money.

All I need is my money. I won’t stop till I get my money. I will drag you till I get my money. I know the next steps to take after this.


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