Popular Ghanaian Actress In Hot Trouble Over Sekz

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Heavy breasted actress in the popular Efiewura TV series, Aunti B, is under serious censorship for opining that sekz gives her the greatest pleasure.

Famous face of local drama series, Efiewura, Auntie B, disclosed that the thing that gives her the greatest pleasure in life is sekz The actress, born Harriett NaaAklehOkantey, in an interview on Asempa FM’s ‘Abrabo’programme on Wednesday said she receives the maximum satisfaction she needs after engaging in sekzual bouts.

“Oh, ‘endwamu’ (sekz) makes me feel happy a lot. If you go to a mission house and a Pastor is not on talking terms with the wife, it might be due to ‘endwam’ (sekz), so sekz makes everyone happy…,” she said. All these pleasures notwithstanding, Auntie B insisted that she believes in God.

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Some of her fans who were highly disappointed with her comments, also replied her to register their equally disappointment and anger at her open sekzual remarks. Some of her fans retorted:

NPP Senior Citizen: “I thank God I don’t watch local movies. Instead to speak sense into the brains of the youth look at this.”

Baffled woman: “When will she get the aids? Then she will get the most misery. Animal woman out to pollute the world with her perishing flesh. What was the need to say that except that she has no respect for her prostitute’s body and wants everyone to be like her.”

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JonLee: “naughty Ashanti woman. This is disgusting. Did she say this in English or twi? Let me guess she can’t speak English.”

Koftown: “It is likely without Pink Sheets Evidence caused the death of our famous Santo with her sekzual harassment. Ante ‘B’ is a spoilt palm kennel and should be restricted from Girls Schools. Shama unto her feelings; she will meet the hardest ever to stop her.”

Sir: “I like the term: old cargo. The thing is so big that you have to help with your fingers. What a thing.”

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NiiQuarshie: “NaaAklehOkantey? Never knew this woman is a Ga. Maybe like Grace Omaboe the mother is twi so she feels ashamed of her Ga roots-Pathetic how some Gas simply don’t have self pride-baffles me.”

Life goes on: “Biiiiig big ashawo”

Papa Manu: “Fucking ourselves 24/7 x 7 days. Oh Auntie Okantey.”

KK: “Foolish woman.”

Bright Ofori: “Ahhhmaame u for educate we the up comers wae. Shameful woman it time for you to give urself to Christ wae and stop all diz things.”Aunti B was the third wife of the late actor, Bob Santo.

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