Popular Ghanaian Couple, Kiki And Jay Break Up After 4 Years, Guy Tells His Sad Story

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Kiki and Jay were a very popular, young Ghanaian couple who flooded the internet and social media with their fun time videos.

The couple first broke the internet when a video of them kissing and having fun went viral and people began to fall in love with them because of how cute they are. They went ahead to make money from what people loved about them by getting a monetized YouTube channel.

Twitter was buzzing when news broke about their break up and many were pointing fingers at Kiki, the guy for leaving the girl after coming down to his level to date him.

Explaining how events turned up, the guy said he was not the one who broke up with Jay but rather she did by sending a text message. He went ahead to read the text message sent by Jay to break up with him and finally broke down in tears.

The two got many couples looking up to them and hoping to get a sweet relationship like theirs but it seems all that glitters is not gold as the saying goes. Kiki uploaded a video of him explaining things on his new YouTube channel.

video below;


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