Posting good photos doesn’t mean I’m living a flamboyant lifestyle, I drink Gari soakings just like you – Vim Lady tells young ladies

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Famous journalist, Tv show host and newscaster with Despite Media, Afia Pokuaa has advised young ladies who are pressured by the edited photos of people on social media to take it slow with themselves as most of the people who post these pictures don’t post what they do behind the scenes.

According to Afia Pokuaa, her struggles forces her to drink gari soakings, eats Konkonte and light soup and any other food the ordinary Ghanaian eats.

Taking to her Instagram page to tell young Ghanaian ladies to stop assuming she’s living a flamboyant lifestyle in real life, she posted a beautiful photo and added that, that’s not what she really looks like in real life as she changes to a normal girl after what they see on social media.

Afia Pokuaa wrote;

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“Don’t let my social media photos pressure you wai.
In my house, I eat KONKONTE and light soup( my fav), I don’t wear wigs, I wear no makeup, no bra and sometimes drink gari soaking like everyone.
Nobody calls me Vim Lady, Tweaaaa🙄
Live your life because the same 6 FEET awaits us all.
Let’s give glory to God who does not judge according to name but his WORD and GRACE.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏”.


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