Pound To Rand

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Rand is one of the most undervalue currencies against the British pounds. The South African Rand has always performed badlyagainstthe British pound. Though the rand is one of the iconic note features

History Of Pound And Rand

Today, 1 British pound is 19.6759 South African Rand, a rate some South African businessmen want to be maintained. It has somewhat added value compared to some few days ago. As of

10 March 2022 1 GBP was 19.719

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28 January 2022 1 GBP was 20. 716 ZAR

1O January 2022 1 GBP was 21. 303 ZAR

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18th November 2021, 1 GBP was 21.123 ZAR


A random study of the relationship between the Pound within recent times is however suggests that the Rand is somewhat stable. Since the Country’s independence in 1994, the Rand started on a bad note and hasn’t since been steady. 1GBP in 1994 was 5.442854 ZAR, So below are some years and corresponding 1 GBP equivalent

1994 5.442854

1995 5.727022

1996 6.722795

1997 7.546444

1998 9.186449

1999 9.89437

2000 10.484880

2001 12.355038

2002 15.814683

2003 12.265581

2004 11.79.5859

2005 11.563534

2006 12. 495629

2007 14.104249

2008 15.134803

2009 13. 094167

2010 11.307505

2011 11.624713

2012 13. 020269

2013 15.020269

The Rand per the data above keeps declining over the years, As to when it will see any significant improvement is not known.

Meanwhile, the increase in value of the South African Rand is a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia in response to the sanctions from the West is considering halting the export of raw materials from the West which in turn increases the value of the South African exports such as Precious and Industrial Metal. However, the Pound was not as sensitive to the War as the Rand

Meanwhile, while the export of Precious and Industrial Metal is yet to happen, The rise in the price of fuel and other raw materials however is likely to affect the Rand which will in turn depreciate it value all over again.


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