“Poverty Is An Organized Crime, Stop Blaming Women Who Go For Financially Stable Guys,”- Nigerian Doctor

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A Nigerian doctor known as Dr Penking has stated that poverty is an organized crime and that women who go for financially stable guys to date or marry should not be blamed much.

He came to this conclusion after he witnessed what happened in the hospital he works in, where a poverty-stricken man brought his wife to the facility to deliver a baby.

According to Dr Penking, the labour was obstructed and both baby and mum needed some quick intervention, else they both lose their lives.

Dr Penking

But the man who could be described as a man in abject poverty could not afford money to even buy a card and insisted that he had used all the money in his household to bring the women in labour to the hospital.

Because of poverty, they had tried for the women to deliver at Church but she couldn’t because medical attention was needed for the woman to deliver safely and when it didn’t work at Church and the man had to send her to the hospital, he got so pissed off and even insulted the wife.

It was the insult the man gave to his wife at that critical moment that made Dr Penking conclude that poverty is indeed an organised crime.

If the man had money to see off all the medical bills to ensure his wife delivers safely, the insult wouldn’t have been necessary.

Below is Dr Penking’s narration of what happened that made him say poverty is an organised crime;

“Stop blaming women who go for financially stable men.

One man brought his wife to Labour ward.

The labour was obstructed and an intervention was needed as soon as possible else the baby or mother or both would lose their lives.

The did not even have money to buy a card.

The man insisted that the last money in his whole life was what he used to transport the woman to the hospital.

They had tried to deliver in church before they came.

Time was ticking. Every minute mattered. We already know that Nigerian healthcare is fucked up.

You just have to get a card or die.

When the Doctor interrogated why he didn’t prepare for the delivery day throughout d 9 months that the woman was pregnant, he said and I quote.’Shebi I thought that this STUPID woman will deliver successfully in church like her mates.’My goodness.

This was said to a dying woman, by her supposed loving husband. Poverty is an organized crime!!!!!”.

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