Poverty is the reason why many people are religious and churchy – Reno Omokri

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"When a woman slaps you during an argument, do not slap her back" – Reno Omokri to men

Opinionated Nigerian writer, Reno Omokri has opined that poverty is the driver behind the religiosity of many people.

According to him, people who throng churches on the regular and are very particular about their religion are encouraged to do that just because they are financially poor.

In an Instagram post, Reno Omokroi intimated that many are buoyed by the plight of life which forces them to seek fleeting respite in church and religion. Rich people are not so concerned about religion like poor people because the poor feels his/her life will see a drastic change if he or she continues to fellowship with God with strict adherence to religious rules and norms.

He wrote:

“Poverty is why many people are religious and churchy. When these same people relocate abroad and see that their prayer requests are easily met in their new locations, they lose their religiosity. Religion is a reaction to poverty. Faith is a more reliable judge of Godliness. That is why after salvation, Christ taught more about wealth. Because without wealth, your spiritual health is at risk. Poverty alters your perspective. You make enemies out of innocent people. You blame ancestral curses and village people for your poverty, when in fact the problem is your location, which is overpopulated and underfunded. And fear of enemies, rather than love for God drives you to church”


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