Pre-marital Sex Is Not A Gift, It’s A Sin; Hold Your Man Down With Good Character”- Reno Omokri Advises Girls

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The very vocal Nigerian author, Reno Omokri has never shied away from dishing out free advice to the young ones as he seeks to guide them to simple truths about life.

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Reno Omokri

In the latest episode of his social media advice to people, he focused his lenses on women where he admonished them to ( if they want to keep their men) hold them down with good character and not continuously offer them sex when they are not married to them yet.

According to him, pre-marital sex is a sin and women should not just be swayed by a lavish party thrown for them by their partners to give in to premarital sexual behaviours.

He stated further that it is okay to offer your boyfriend a gift, something valuable that costs quite a lot of money but that gift certainly shouldn’t include opening up your legs for them.

He insinuated that if sex is all you got to offer to your boyfriend, you’d eventually lose them, adding that sex is a very easy thing to get. With some little amount of money, according to him, one could get it any time they wish to.

To Reno Omokri, what you can use to hold down your boyfriend is a good character.

“Dear women, Premarital sex is not a gift. It is a sin. So, don’t offer your boyfriend, who threw a lavish party for you on your birthday, a sin. Offer him a gift. For the avoidance of doubt, a gift is anything that costs money and is not a part of the middle of your body! There are billions of women on Earth. Don’t overestimate your value. Sex is one of the easiest things to get. For $20, your boyfriend can have it tonight. Hold him with something that is more valuable than sex. Hold him with good character!” he wrote on his Instagram page.

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