Pregnancy will humble you: Why women feel unattractive after giving birth [Article]

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Why do most women look nothing close to their charm, glitz and glam after giving birth? Why do they suddenly feel unattractive and “ugly”? What are the causes?

According to new research, nine out of ten women stop feeling attractive after giving birth.

According to statistics, most mothers lose confidence in their appearance “almost immediately” after the arrival of their bundle of joy. The physical effects of pregnancy and childbirth on body shape were among the most significant sources of self-doubt.

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However, sleep deprivation decreased sexual intimacy, and a lack of “me time” all have a “profoundly negative effect” on self-image, especially among first-time mothers. Fortunately, almost all women begin to feel “more positive” six months after childbirth and “like the old me” a year later.

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D’Angelova, a former Harrods and Mandarin Oriental beautician polled 500 of her customers about how they felt after having children. She discovered that after giving birth, 90% of those women felt less attractive – both to themselves and to their partners.

40% blamed physical changes to their bodies, such as weight gain, stretch marks, and, in some cases, scarring from a caesarean section. Almost a third (31%) blamed their negative outlook on a chronic lack of sleep, with many mothers getting only five interrupted hours per night.

This, they claimed, made them miserable and irritable during the day, with mercurial hormones only exacerbating the situation. A further 19% report a lack of “me time,” owing to the responsibilities of parenthood preventing them from maintaining their pre-parenthood health and beauty regimen.

Even simple tasks like washing and styling hair, applying make-up, and eating sensibly became difficult with a new baby in tow.

More than two-thirds (68%) of women reported that having a family had a “significantly” negative impact on their level of intimacy with their partners, leaving them feeling more isolated and unloved.

Other reasons for a lack of self-esteem included being tied to the home and a feeling of ‘grief’ over the loss of their previous life where they could do as they pleased. After childbirth, 60% of first-time mothers described themselves or their bodies as “ugly.”

However, 89% agreed that the ‘baby beauty blues’ were only temporary. It was discovered that it lasts for an average of 12 months, after which most people can regain control of their bodies and lives.

Despite the feelings of self-doubt that most had, 100% of those polled agreed that the joy of childbirth was “totally and utterly worth it.”

According to D’Angelova, mums who get at least two hours of “me time” each week are less likely to be depressed about their body image.

“If you feel down about yourself on a regular basis, it can have a wider impact on your relationships with your partner, children, friends, and work,” she explained.

“Although it is difficult (and often impossible!) With a young child, taking a bit of time each week to look and feel good is really important.

“Though things must be sacrificed, at least in the short term, a little time can still go a long way to rebuilding that feeling of inner beauty and self-worth.”


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