Prepare to spend your money to cure chronic diseases – Ghanaians tell Kelvynboy after he revealed his addiction

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Most Ghanaians have expressed displeasure at Kelvynboy’s confession when he said he’s so addicted to smoking that if he doesn’t go through the process for a single day, he’ll go mad.

The Down Flat hitmaker surely raised eyebrows when he told Andy Dosty of Hitz FM that he smokes every day and can’t see himself stopping anytime soon.

“For real, I smoke…You see the way people think if you smoke you’ll go mad, me if I don’t smoke, I’ll go mad. So smoking is my thing, I like to smoke,” he said in an interview on Hitz FM.

He justified himself by saying the only thing that brings calmness to his soul is when he smokes.

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“That’s what calms me down. I don’t have to show you, you get to see it. I have learned a lot from Bob Marley and he always smoked.

I don’t show it to the camera when I smoke, I’m smoking every time so if you see me and you take a picture of me from the back, you’ll probably see the smoke. I can’t fake oo, that’s me, and people like me for that.”

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However, a bunch of unanimous feedback generated from his interview all over social media reveal some fans are disappointed in him.

They have pointed out to him that if care is not taken, he might use all his resorcues to cure himself if he doesn’t break away from this vicious cycle.


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