President Nana Addo Just Organise A Flagstaff Bash Party For All Celebrities-DKB

Ever since Shatta Wale was invited by the president of the land, Nana Akuffo Addo to the Flagstaff house, we’ve seen many celebrities show interest on Social media that they also want to be invited to the flagstaff house.–I mean who wouldn’t want to spend some time with the most important person on the land?

Well, our ace comedian, DKB seems to have a brilliant idea and has suggested that, Nana Akuffo Addo should consider organising a celebrity bash or what he terms as Flagstaff bash, so all the celebrities are invited to the Flagstaff since many of them have shown interest in visiting him.

According to DKB, this would create an opportunity for the celebrities to interact with him more and help his government better understand what they can do to better the fortunes of the entertainment industry.

DKB mentioned that Barrack Obama did that when he was in power, so Nana Addo can take inspiration from it.

Watch his video below: