Princess Shyngle Exposes Herself On Delay’s Show; Talks About Dating Married Michael Essien & That She Left DBlack Because He Loved Cheating(Video)

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Princess Shyngle has exposed herself in an interview she had with Delay on the Delay show. We assume she’s not been interviewed on such a big platform before, hence some of the childish statements she made on the show.

The Ghanaian based Gambian actress was in the news again some few days ago, when she posted that 99.9% of the men she’s dated couldn’t satisfy her in bed, hence the reason why she loves to stick to the use of dildos.

In Delay’s quest to find out which of the men she’s dated in the past and couldn’t satisfy her, asked her if she has ever dated footballer Michael Essien before and although she had wanted to lie, Delay’s persistent question forced her to confess that, she indeed dated a married Micheal Essien as she was seen kissing him in a public setting.

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In that interview, Shyngle also added that she didn’t know Michael Essien was a married man at the time they were dating and was later prompted, and she walked out of that relationship.

Princess Shyngle also revealed in the interview that, she dated musician DBlack in the past for 2 years but subtly ended the relationship because he was cheating on her and that his decision to start his club business was what forced her to permanently quit the relationship as she felt he was going to even cheat more as he would always be closer to the girls with the club business.

With Princess revealing these two personalities as men she’s dated in the past and also saying that 99.% of the men she’s dated couldn’t satisfy her, it sort of creates the impression that, Dblack and Michael Essien fall in that 99.9% category if we are to believe her.

Anyways, Watch her full interview with Delay in the video below:



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