Princess Shyngle Gets International Spotlight On US Tv Show Over Her Kidney Disease

They say, there’s nothing like bad news and am tempted to believe that statement could be true with the turn out of events for actress Princess Shyngle.

Some few days ago, reports circulated that the actress was suffering from a kidney disease and that was caused by her excessive addiction to waist trainers. Many people slammed the actress blaming her for causing damage to her own kidney with her desire to have a 22 inch waist.

The actress days herself had made the news known when she posted pictures of herself in the hospital asking her fans to pray for her as and that she’s suffering from a kidney disease

When news went viral, attaching her kidney disease to her waist trainers, she came out to say, her waist trainers have nothing to do with her kidney disease and that she was suffering from the  kidney disease because of a bacterial infection.

The news attracted international media and several foreign blogs picked up the story. Prominent among such media houses that did the story is Daily Mail.

Now that story has created a buzz and a popular show in the USA, “The Doctors” are also interested in using her story on their show.

The actress posted a screenshot of an email she received from one of the producers of the tv show showing in an interest in doing a segment about her. It sounds some great news as it could expose her more to a wider audience but the actress seems not too excited about it as she claims, her kidney disease has nothing to do with her waist training.


As it it now, Princess Shyngle is adamant about letting the show to use her story as a segment.

Princess Shyngle is a Gambian based in Ghana and has produced her first movie from her own production which is expected to premiere in Liberia this month and at another date in Ghana. The movie titled “The Mysterious Wedding Planner” also features A-List actor, John Dumelo.

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