Princess Shyngle Humiliated On Social Media For ‘Stealing’ Another Woman’s Bortos (+Screenshot)

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Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle’s ass is on fire and it’s literal! The controversial Gambian actress who is based Ghana has been busted for taking a butt photo of a US celeb and posting on her IG page in a manner which suggested it’s hers.

Princess Shyngle posted the photo earlier on her IG page displaying a gigantic bortos and using it as a premise to ask her followers why men cheat despite giving them nice bortos like what she had displayed.

But the real owner of the bortos Lulu Simmons called out the actress and asked her to take it down because the photo belonged to her and went ahead to share the original one and the ‘fake’ one Princess edited.

Lulu even claimed when she first told Princess about the issue, she blocked her on IG.

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