Princess Shyngle Says All The Men She’s Ever Dated Couldn’t Satisfy Her In Bed

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Princess Shyngle has stated that, she’s a fan of dildos and that she uses them because all the men she’s gone to bed with couldn’t satisfy her sexually.

The Gambian actress based in Ghana made the post on her Instagram with a collage photo of herself and a dildo to explain why she’s been single for such a long time.

Princess Shyngle

According to her 99.9% of the men, she ever dated couldn’t meet her demands and that simply suggest that none of them was ever able to bang her that good but now she’s ready to date again and we are sure any man who wants to date her must be ready to do more work than a dildo.

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Princess Shyngle had posted:

“Some of y’all wonder how I’ve been single over a year well that’s the secret y’all my s3xy dildo it satisfies me than 99.9% of the guys I’ve ever dated”.

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The dildo she posted isn’t even that long and big too. She’s not met her ‘meeter’ yet.


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