Princess Shyngle Says Her Hot Coca-Cola Shape Is Due To Good Dieting But Check Her Throwback Pictures For Verification 

Princess Shyngle
Princess Shyngle

Setting the record straight, contemporary ladies around the world including the infamous Ghana-based Gambian Princess Shyngle like their bodies curvaceous, for reasons best known to them. To those born natural, well and good.


For some, measures too extreme are taken including plastic enhancement surgery. We might all know the specific reasons for that, and even though it might be embarrassing, some females point their surgeries out and are even proud of the outcomes. Does it bring fame? Let us find this out with the infamous personality, Princess Shyngle.

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The Ghana-based Gambian actress cum producer has rocked social media specifically Instagram with her hot curvaceous body since she shot to fame. Therefore, the frequently asked questions (FAQ) is that was she born like this?

Looking at Princess Shyngle’s before and after photos, we can clearly see a good difference. Back in 2015, the actress clearly stated that she did not undergo surgery, but her figure was entirely due to waist training and good dieting. Regardless the doubting Thomases still find it very difficult to accept Shyngle’s assertion that her ‘sick body‘ was made possible in the name of  good dieting.


To cut long story short, take a critical look at the photos of Princess Shyngle below and spell out the differences if she has gone under the knife to secure her hour-glass shape.


Princess Shyngle Before x After 


Princess Shyngle NOW 



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