Prophet Bernard Taylor Charging $399 for Zoom Meeting Pops Up and Ghanaians are Worried

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Prophet Bernard Taylor Zoom meeting

The truth is, 93% of contemporary men of God in Ghana are no longer solely interested in getting people to Heaven as they’ve devised intelligent ways to make good money while reaching out to souls.

As every lover of truth will attest to the fact that the so-called men of God swim in millions, while their congregations are incredibly poor.

In Ghana, the number of fake holders of the Holy Bible outnumbers the genuine ones, however, because Ghanaians believers are religiously notorious, no amount of fake prophecies and actions exhibited by these men of God will compel the congregants to forsake the so-called ‘men of God.’

Now, a flyer of one acclaimed man of Ghana called Prophet Dr. Bernard Taylor has popped up and the content of it beats the imagination and comprehension of critical thinking minds.

Simply put, the above-mentioned man of God is holding a Zoom meeting and participants are to pay $399 which is equivalent to 2,410.79ghc.

So, it’s at the back of the huge cost of the registration fees that critical-thinking Ghanaians on social media are chastising Prophet Dr. Bernard Taylor for riding on the Bible to amass dubious wealth.




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