Prophet Kumchacha Clashes With LGBTQ Advocates, Says Animals Are Wiser Than Gays And Lesbians

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Popular Ghanaian Prophet, Kumchacha has clashed with LGBTQ+ advocates on Neat FM in the early hours of the morning and things escalated like a wildfire.

He talked about several topics including pastors who use the name of God when they want to sleep with someone urging them to stop and use their own well for such endeavors adding that having affair with married people is an abomination and better to sleep with a prostitute instead of a married person.

Wading into premarital s3x, he compared that one cannot go to the restaurant to taste a plate of food before deciding to buy hence you shouldn’t have S3x before marriage as Brother Sammy claimed in an interview on United Showbiz.

Kumchacha was asked about why fornication isn’t a crime and the law not arresting people but rather support the criminalization of LGBTQ though they’re all sins.

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The popular clergyman jumped in that such question should be sent to the president of Ghana as he leads parliamentarians to make laws adding that homos3xuality is from the devil and animals are wiser than those who practice it because goats do not have same-s3x.

His assertion triggered the LGBTQ advocate in the studio who claimed that not everyone is Christian hence Kumchacha projections shouldn’t be for everyone.

Watch the video below…

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