Prophetess Makes U-turn To Confess That She Lied About Going To Heaven And Hell As She Seeks For Forgiveness [Video]

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The female evangelist who went viral not long ago that she’s gone to heaven and hell has made a u-turn claiming she lied.

It would be recalled that a woman was spotted in a viral video saying she saw people being tortured in hell and that she visited including heaven.

Well, a few days after the video made waves on the internet, she has come back to confess to her congregants that she lied.

In her words, “I told the church of Christ that I died and went to heaven and hell, that I saw the Lord Jesus Christ, Abraham, Mary.”

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I also said I went to hell that I saw the devil and people being tortured. I am here to let you know that it was a lie from the pit of hell, it was not true, please forgive me.”

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