Prostitutes Are Better off As Wives Than Most Christian Ladies – Prophet Kumchacha

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Prophet Nicholas Osei better known as Prophet Kumchacha who’s the founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry has asserted that Christians dominate when it comes to divorce cases in Ghana because they are not romantic in bed.

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According to him, most Christians and men of God starve their partners of sex and always focus on doing the work of God when they even have to satisfy the s3xual needs of their partners.

“For now, marriages that always hit the rock are that of Pastors and Christian. Instead of a pastor to have time to service his wife, he will say he is going to pray. Instead of having time for his wife he will say he is fasting”, Kumchacha said this on Accra-based Hitz FM.

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He noted that most pastors have time for their church members than their spouses and that is really bad. Most wives of pastors are always crying because of this. To him, it’s not surprising that marriage to prostitutes last longer comparably to Christians because they (prostitutes) provide the needed pleasure during s3xual intercourse.

“If you get married to a prostitute, there is no way your marriage will hit the rocks because they know how to pamper men and make them happy. The Christian ladies we have around act all holy and are boring in bed”, Kumchacha added.


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