Protesters of #FixTheCountry Had No Plan, It Was Very Useless Exercise – A Plus

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Broadcaster Abeiku Santana on United Showbiz aroused the anger of political activist A Plus, following a question he asked.

Abeiku Santana asked A Plus a harmless question about why he did not attend the much-publicized #fixthecountry demonstration.

A Plus, who saw the question as offensive, immediately became very aggressive on the show much to the disappointment of viewers.

According to A Plus, after he finally managed to calm down, he did not attend the demonstration because to him, it is a very useless exercise.

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A Plus explained that the goal of the demonstrators, which is to change the constitution, is not achieved through jogging exercises.

He explained that the best for these activists to do is to attain political power in order to change the status quo and not to March through the streets.


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