Publicity Stunts: How Effective Can It Be? |The Case of P-Square

The Okoye brothers held their loyal fans to ransom with their supposed splitting rumours only to make a quick U-turn and announced a reunion, turning out to be a publicity stunt after all. Why did they have to do that? With their level of success, I didn’t expect them to resort to this medium to attract ‘sympathy.’

What is a publicity stunt? A stunt is a planned event designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organisers or their cause. Publicity stunts can be done professionally organised or set up by amateurs. Such events are frequently utilized by advertisers, celebrities, athletes and politicians.

The importance of publicity stunts is generating news interest and awareness for a concept, product or service being marketed. Stunts are effective communication tools when used well and useless time wasters when they are not.

Report went viral about a couple of weeks about the collapse of Africa’s finest duo, P-square over managerial differences. The two brothers consolidated the brouhaha with individual engagements. Paul signed a new artiste and Peter venturing into football management.

In the midst of the ‘storm’, Paul and Peter have never traded insults. It was reported that a fan insulted Paul on Peter’s Instagram page to which the latter quickly jumped to the defence of his brother, saying, “Please don’t insult my brother Paul, he has nothing to with whatsoever. Thanks.”

This is where the stunt smoke spouts out into the atmosphere. Insiders say the fracas between the duo is only a media hype for a new project the twins are working on.  “They break up, make up, produce a hit and fans rush to listen to the comeback album’ the report says.

Celebrities put in hard work to get that status. The pressure to stay relevant as a result of challenges from perceived competitors and the dynamism of the industry means they have to do something outrageous or otherwise to still be in the limelight.

The more these celebrities become present in the minds of people and are often talked about, the more their popularity soars, which ultimately translates to more money.

Publicity stunts are mostly utilised by those whose image have faded within the parameters of the public domain. They do this to regain their lost fame and money. Some are orchestrated professionally without any trace of fraudulence.

Others are so embarrassing that you wonder if it was the hustle after all. We all remember the infamous exhibition of genitals by Wisa on stage right? It was distasteful but Wisa ended up being the huge beneficiary as he trended for weeks, which bloated his fame. So obviously whether good or bad, publicity stunts help the celebrity in a very positive way.

P-Square is a huge brand and are still relevant today. They have released hits after hits, and their fans can easily relate to it without recourse to this form of attention. They need not hide behind a shadowy veil to insinuate they were breaking up when actually the situation is the stark opposite. In other words they need no publicity stunt to amass fame and wealth.

If people keep on crying wolf from the abyss of their diaphragm just to garner attention to promote a cause, the day the wolf would really come, no matter how loud they cry, no one will pay attention to them.

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