Quang Tran Wife; Is The Food Critic Married?

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Whoever Quang Tran wife is, she should be bracing herself up for having a food critic as her husband; chances are that the food critic, Quang, would criticize her wife’s food most of the time.

Well, in this article, we take you on a journey to find out whether Quang Tran is married or not. Who Quang Tran wife is, is the subject of this write-up.

Before we zoom in on his personal life to see whether or not he is married, shall we take some time to have a fair idea of who the food critic is?

Quang Tran Biography

Quang Tran
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Quang Tran is a YouTuber and social media sensation from Canada who is known for his food criticism and tasting videos. His parents were Vietnamese and he was born in Canada.

Before Quang was born, they travelled to Canada after their marriage. His birth date is unknown.

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Quang has been fascinated by eating and the gym since he was a child.

He enjoyed his mother’s cooking, which motivated him to prepare and try foods from various countries and traditions.

Quang began his work as a gym trainer with the intention of assisting others with bodybuilding, but his true interest was food and cooking, so he chose that path.

So, who is Quang Tran wife? Is he married yet?

Before we find out whether or not he is married, shall we look at how his career has panned out?


In 2014, Quang launched his YouTube channel and began sharing videos of his gym workouts, which did not receive a lot of attention. Quang switched gears and took on a 20,000-calorie food challenge. The video became a YouTube sensation, with over 2.5 million views. Quang now has more than 2.41 million subscribers.

Quang Tran Wife

Quang Tran Wife

Quang is not married, but he has been dating a woman for the past two years. He often includes her in his films and refers to her as Kitty. Not officially married, we cannot call her Quang Tran wife, can we?

What is Quang Tran net worth? With his YouTube channel widely viewed, where she posts videos about food, how much is the YouTuber worth? How much money has he made from being a YouTuber and posting quite often about food?

Quang Tran Net Worth

Quang Tran’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000. His main source of revenue is through social media advertisements and brand collaborations with well-known companies.

Videos from his YouTube channel have been viewed 545,094,879 times as of the writing of this article.

See one of his videos below:


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