Quata Says He’s Not Using Sarkodie To Revive His ‘Dead’ Career

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It’s obvious Sarkodie is not interested in the beef Quata wanted and the media has not given much attention to Quata’s beef as well because some entertainment enthusiasts have opined that, Quata is trying to ride on Sarkodie to get back into the music scene.

Well, Quata has rubbished those claims, disclosing that, Sarkodie was the first person to attack him in a song which is why he also released those two songs to diss him.

Quite released two songs two diss songs for Sarkodie but the King of Rap, Sarkodie has not responded in any way to both songs.

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In an interview with Hit FM’s Dr Pounds on Hitz High Table, Quata denied that assertion and accused Sarkodie of starting the whole ‘beef’ with him.

“If I were the first person who ‘diss’ him (Sarkodie) that means am using him to get back into the scene. But if me I dey my one corner and the person ‘diss’ me first, do you expect me to go and give him a cake saying Sarkodie thank you for dissing me and go home?” he quizzed.

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“I am a beast emcee (rapper); I am a battle emcee, so when you come to my door knocking looking for trouble we will have trouble but if you are looking for respect, I will give that respect,” the rapper added.

Quata, born Jacob Kwame Etroo also stated he has no personal qualms with Sarkodie and will say “hi” when they meet because they are friends; it is just a lyrical battle and nothing personal.

He also disclosed that he has worked with Mafikizolo which is yet to come out and confirmed having a song with Jamaican sensation Gully Bop titled ‘Gratefu’l.

Quata also revealed that he is bringing South African group Uhuru to Ghana soon.

Portions of text culled from myjoyonline.com

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