Queen Elizabeth II Favorite Color & Most Iconic Outfits

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The former British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II has a record of being on the throne of the United Kingdom since the year 1952. She is, however, known for her elegance in fashion. She is seen almost anytime on a monochromatic palette with matching cloth, hats and shoes. It is undoubtedly that she was such a fashionista.

According to an in-depth evaluation of the clothing the queen wore on public and private occasions, blue is the Queen’s most preferred colour. Roundly, many blue shades of blue have been seen in her wardrobe.

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What To Know About Queen Elizabeth II Iconic Clothes

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Queen Elizabeth II was used to using fashion as a way of expressing her modernity and superiority several years before she even started to wear the crown.

For instance, the gown she wore to her wedding with the late Prince Philip on 20th November, 1947 was rife-tailed with meaning and elegance.

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The late queen’s fashion senses were mostly her way of communicating to the public, the royals and fellow diplomats.


What Happens To The Cloths After Queen Elizabeth II Wears Them? 

According to a royal expert and close associate of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II never wears the same clothes twice on public or private occasions or events. Her clothes are changed most especially if she gets bored of them.

The changed clothes are then sent to her dressers who are then permitted to wear or sell them. However, before anything, labels are removed and they are to never mention anywhere that the clothes have been worn by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

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What Is Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Colour?

Queen Elizabeth II

According to several sources and a deep evaluation of the queens clothing and fashion sense, blue is her favourite and most preferred colour. In her wardrobe, there are many shades of blue clothes and outfits in it.


Queen Elizabeth II Best Outfits Of All Time 

Queen Elizabeth II tied the knot with Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh in the year 1947 in Westminster Abbey. Her iconic and remarkable wedding gown was designed by Norman Hartnell and inspired by a Botticelli painting. It was also made of expensive Chinese silk and had a high neckline, short train and tailored bodice.

One of her other most iconic outfits was what she wore during the opening of the Scottish Parliament on 1st July, 1999. The outfit was designed by Sandra Murray. It was a green silk crepe and lace dress along with a purple coat also made of a silk-wool blend. It was coupled with a matching swal and hat made by Milliner Philip Somerville.


What Is The Royals Dress Code For Queen Elizabeth II Funeral?

According to sources, all working members of the royal family are made to wear military uniforms. Also, as a non-working royal member, Prince Andrew, Duke of York will not put on uniform except as unique respect at the final vigil.

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