R. Kelly hires Bill Cosby’s lawyer to help overturn potential life conviction

Kelly is hoping to have his recent racketeering and sex crimes conviction overturned with the help of the same attorney who helped Bill Cosby get his sex abuse case dismissed earlier this year.

Earlier today (Oct. 29), New York-based attorney Jennifer Bonjean filed paperwork to join Kelly’s appeal team, according to federal court documents obtained by XXL. 

Bonjean will lead Kelly’s legal team, which will try to get the disgraced singer a new trial or, if necessary, an appeal. Bonjean requested a 60-day extension for post-trial motions in court.

Bonjean told the Chicago Tribune today: “I am increasingly concerned about how the government is abusing the RICO statute to plead around the statute of limitations and essentially put people’s entire lives on trial,” “It’s becoming a government formula.” You have the right to respond to specific allegations.”

Bonjean led the legal team that was successful in getting Bill Cosby released on appeal from his sex crimes conviction in Pennsylvania in June of this year. She intends to do the same thing for Kelly.

Kelly was found guilty of racketeering and eight sex trafficking violations in federal court in Brooklyn last month. In the absence of an appeal or a new trial, Kelly faces a sentence of 10 years to life in prison. His sentencing date is set for May 4, 2022.

Even if he wins his appeal, the crooner is still facing sex-related charges in Illinois and Minnesota, where he grew up.

Kelly, whose music sales skyrocketed after the guilty verdict was announced, was reportedly placed on suicide watch in the weeks following his conviction.

Source: XXL


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