R Kelly Net Worth

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R Kelly Net Worth = $2 Million

Once upon a time, when you want to relax your mind with R&B tunes, the only name you will be searching for in you download but is R Kelly as he dominated the Genre with his silky voice and good related lyrics.

You might be thinking those moments made him lot’s of richest and he will be living large at the moment, so let’s go straight into the Musician’s Net Worth.

What is R Kelly’s Net worth
R Kelly’s Net worth is negative $2 Million, yes you read that right, it’s Negative, during his peak moments, The singer has a net worth in the region of tens of millions and was once estimated to have $100 million worth.
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In making a case for being released from prison,R Kelly made a bold revelation to a judge in April 2020 that he owes almost $1.8 million to the IRS.

Is R Kelly Broke?

R Kelly released a song of 19 minutes duration via Spotify and let out his emotions by addressing many allegations leveled against him and declared himself as broke in the song.

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R Kelly’s problem’s begun with multiple allegations by different women that the singer abused them. He was arrested and charged with alleged sex incident with an under age girl.

R Kelly Net Worth
R Kelly During his trial in court

Being Married to Dancer Andrea Lee in 1996 whom he had three children with before their divorce, R Kelly lost a huge portion of his Net Worth to settling divorce case involving Lee.

Things begun to get worse for R Kelly somewhere in 2013 when another interesting revelation came out that the singer owes a whooping amount of $5 million being unpaid Taxes within 7 years.

As if that was just the end and R Kelly can have some peace of mind, His inability to pay a mortgage to Foreclosure led to loosing his Chicago home while he was evicted for failing to pay back rent fees in the region of $30,000 in Atalanta.

R Kelly’s Jail Term

Things continues to get tough for R Kelly who was really struggling for survival and it was a case of rubbing salt into his wounds when he was arrested in February 2019 on series of charges while his Bail Was set at $1 million.

During his days in jail, his Ex wife Lee, went to file a suit seeking a worth of $160,000 as unpaid child supports from the now broke Kelly.

Kelly’s mental health was becoming a real problem, during his trial was placed on Suicide watch just to be sure he does nothing wrong to himself to escape all the difficulties he is going through.

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