Rahim Banda Accused Of Frauding His Innocent Fans

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Now this is getting too messy again and again. Award winning Actor, Rahim Banda is entangled in a messy situation where some of his loyal fans have accused him of deceit and extortion via social media where he is said to use fake accounts and contact numbers to scam them.

One of the fans who got scammed, Shantelle Rockson who lives in the USA reported to Razz Newspaper, that she has been chatting with the actor for years now on social media platform, whatsapp and Rahim Banda started making monetary demands from her at some point and she was bothered at it.

“One i sent him $600 when he told me he was in Nigeria shooting and his parents had ignored him” She said.

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She also alleged that on another occasion, he demanded money for school fees but she didn’t give him the money with suspicions over the constant plea for money from her.

Shantelle revealed that the continuous demands for money from Rahim caused her to have doubts about the true identity of who she has ben chatting with all these years.


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Culled from: Razz Newspaper, remember to grab your copy, it’s only ghc2.


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