Randy Gonzalez net worth: How much was his net worth?

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Randy Gonzalez was famously known on TikTok as Enkyboys, a group he formed with his son named Brice Gonzalez. Before his death, he had an estimated net worth of about $1 to $2 million. They had over 15 million followers and over 294 million likes. In this post, we will take a look at how much they earned and more facts.

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Who Was Randy Gonzalez?

Randy Gonzalez was born on 13 September 1987. He was 35 years at the time of his death. Randy was remembered for a father and son collaboration on TikTok. They go by the name “Enkyboys“. They have over 15 million followers and over 294 million likes. They frequently performed voiceovers and lip-synced to songs and movie footage in the videos.

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Before his death, Randy had revealed he was battling cancer. In a video on his channel in November 2022, Randy said the following about his condition.

Cancer sucks. It sucks the life out of you and makes you feel like you have nothing to live for but in reality, you do… You have to be strong to fight cancer and beat it. I want to be a testimony of this in another year or so when I’m still alive.

Randy also sought the help of the public for his medical expenses. A GoFundMe fundraiser was started and it has so far raised over $250,000.

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He however died on 25th January 2023. He was survived by his wife Kimberly Gonzalez, Brice Gonzalez, Aubree and Lauren Gonzalez.

What Was Randy Gonzalez’s net worth?

At the time of his death, Randy Gonzalez had a net worth estimated at around $1 to $2 million. They made a living from the videos posted on social media.


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