Rapper D Black caught sm00ching Hajia Bintu In A Nightclub – WATCH

Following the release of a video showing them having an intimate moment at a nightclub, Ghanaian musician D-Black and actress Hajia Bintu have reignited romance speculation.

At D-Club Black’s Onyx, Hajia Bintu sings her song for the first time alongside Shatta Wale, who is also in attendance.

The TikTok star was giddy with delight as she received a rousing reception from her followers. Hajia Bintu was having a fantastic time listening to music and dancing to her favourite songs.

Haji Bintu was standing in front of D-Black, who was standing fairly close to her and not allowing her any breathing space.

The manner they positioned themselves in the room suggested to the audience that they were lovers rather than friends.

Many internet users have been convinced by the video that the two are involved in a secret romance. They looked to be very much in love with one another as they snuggled in a low-key way during the whole video clip.



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