Rapper Hires Assassin To Kill His Own Mother So He Can Have All Her Properties

An up and coming American rapper has found himself in big trouble after hiring someone to kill his own mother so he could get access to her fortune to fund his insatiable lavish lifestyle.

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The rapper, Qaw’mane Wilson was sentenced to 99 years in prison by a Chicago court last week for his role in the death of his mother, Yolanda Holmes. The killer, Eugene Spencer, was given a 100-year sentence.

During the case hearing, it emerged that  Ms Holmes was really fond of her son as she bought very expensive clothes, jewellery, and even a Mustang sports car for him.

But Wilson, who was just 23 when he ordered the killing, wanted even more cash to fund his life as a wannabe rapper and concocted a plan to murder his mother so he could steal from her bank accounts.

In 2012, Spencer drove with Wilson’s girlfriend to Ms Holmes’s flat in northern Chicago and shot her dead while she slept.

He then knocked Ms Holmes’s boyfriend unconscious and left.

But when he spoke on the phone to Wilson to report the slaying, the rapper ordered him to return to the flat and “make sure the b***h is dead”. Spencer then went back and stabbed Ms Holmes.

After collecting the money from his mother’s bank accounts, Wilson used it to customise his Mustang further, fitting it with expensive new ‘gull-wing’ doors, which opened upwards.

Part of text culled from yahoo.co.uk

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