Raquel Finally Announces Her Comeback Into Music This Year After The Long Absence

Ghanaian singer with the silky voice Raquel may have been out of the music scene for sometime now and it’s surprising most of us did not even notice her absence.

The “sweetio” hit maker nonetheless announced her comeback on Instagram earlier this month and here’s what she had to say.

You can also read the post in a text format below:

“MUST READ!!!!! Yeaaah I know you have all been asking questions and feeling disappointed…but the thing iiiisss…
Lol! I took a break from the Celebrity #WORLD because I wanted to focus on other things that I felt were more important to ME… LIKE MY Family, My HEALTH, Writing, Education, and other Business ventures that is DEFINITELY putting food on my table (BES BELIEEEEVE THAT) ????
SURELY there is NOTHING wrong with that!!!!! I KEPT myself TO MYSELF because I needed ME for a while. So for those of you attacking my MANAGEMENT and ME for not being in the LIMELIGHT and Releasing songs for some time…
PLEASE understand that I took that decision for my OWN PERSONAL reason. I don’t need to be famous and flashy to be happy.
PLEASE for the love of GOD STOP sayING harsh words on my pages if you don’t have the facts about my life and esp if you don’t have anything NICE to say. My RAQSTARS are all about #Positivity so if you ain’t about that life then u are clearly NOT a Raqstar.
My #Raqstars KNOW how much I LOVE THEM and I am Oh so Thankful to GOD. I ain’t going NOWHERE. IVE BEEN HERE. I AM HERE so just watch this space!!!
I am in SUCH A Joyful, Peaceful and loving place right NOW Guys!!!! And I have the BEST PEOPLE around me that have taught me to be #inlove with myself. Oh Lord…!!!!SMH!!! #Thankful #Grace#SAMEOLDNEWME ????????#NEWMUSIC is READY so now the wait is over. 2017 HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????? #blackstarsr#PrayerChanges#incaseyoudidntknowthatmymiddlenameis #patience MY NAME IS RAKELI!!!!”

Before her long absence, Raquel incurred the wrath of Ghanaians at Citi FM’s Decemba 2 Rememba concert some years ago where she refused to wear panties in the house before mounting the platform to perform. This caused her nakedness to be captured live and coloured by the photographers on duty.

Due to that, Ghanaians from all walks of life criticized her from all angles which played a role in her absence from active music. Therefore, now that she has confirmed a comeback, we are hoping she doesn’t repeat the same mistakes again!

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