Ras Nene Aka Dr. Likee Shares Story Of How He Got His New Names ‘Likeee’ And Aka Ebenezer (video)

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The new and rebranded Ras Nene, has disclosed the story behind his new names, Likeee and Aka Ebenezer.

Some few months ago, the old Ras Nene we knew to be playing ‘armed robber’ roles in movies, swept of the feet of Ghanaians with his new wave.

He come out fresh and rebranded as Dr. Likeee, bringing out the comic side of him which many have fell in love with.

Also, many have wondered why his new names, Dr. Likeee and Aka Ebenezer. In an interview with Zionfelix the actor opened up about how he got the names.

He said with Dr. Likeee he got the idea from the app ‘Likeee’ and their signature voice, so on set he tried it and it worked and from there he decided to use it.

With Aka Ebenezer, he said he heard about the name and researched about it and realized the person was wise and worth associating himself with.

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