Raul Garcia Alvarez cause Of death, parents, wife, children

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Raul Garcia was a Spanish cyclist who spent the last 24 years in a coma has died aged 42.

Since a riding accident while he was a teen, Raul Garcia Alvarez had remained comatose. He had just joined the professional cycling team Venta Magullo-B Melero when the disaster occurred. At the time, Alvarez was only 17 years old.

His brother told Valladolid-based newspaper El Norte de Castilla: “We were with him until the last moment, and it has been hard, but he rests in peace.

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“Not even the doctors themselves thought he could live so many years.

“I believe that, if he has lived so long, it has been because of my mother’s care, because she has been watching over him 24 hours a day.”

Raul Garcia Alvarez parents

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There is no information about the parents of Raul Garcia Alvarez.

Raul Garcia Alvarez siblings

Raul Garcia Alvarez has siblings but there is no information about them.

Raul Garcia Alvarez cause of death

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Raul Garcia Alvarez died in a coma after he had a riding accident. He died at the age of 42.


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