Read What The Final 5 In The Big Brother Naija Had To Say As They Campaign For Votes

The top 5 finalists in the Big Brother Naija reality show competition were asked by Big Brother to give speeches telling the public why they should vote for them. They were given only 40 minutes to get dressed and prepare for the speech.
While speaking, Efe who is from Delta state was almost in tears as he recounted how he had to work hard in order to survive.
He defined his name stating that An Efe is anybody working hard to make it in life
Who is Efe ? Efe is that boy from Delta state. Efe is that graduate of economics in unijos!!! No!!!! Efe is you that is trying to get yourself together. Efe is that mother that sacrificed everything to make sure her child gets an education. Efe is that boy that helps his mum to sell pepper but knows in his heart that he will get better.. Efe is you, using generator to watch tv, read, …. Efe is you trying to put your two feets on the ground against all odds Because rain is falling doesn’t mean you won’t go and hustle Because the road is bad doesn’t mean you won’t go out..
Bisola during her speech thanked everybody who has voted and is till voting for her, she revealed that she didn’t go to the University due to financial constraints and sometimes feel insecure when other talk about their university days. She talked about growing up, saying that even though her name means ‘born into wealth’, that hasn’t been the case for her.
“I usually have a complex but i don’t let that complex take over situations and me. I have never being in the university before. I’m not a graduate. So sometimes i feel envious when I hear people or the housemates talk about what they did in school. It wasn’t because I wasn’t intelligent enough to be in the university but because I didn’t have the fund to do so. I still struggled and told my self, you know what Bisola you have a talent which can feed you. You should not let the circumstance you find yourself throw you down”
Tboss, while giving her speech said she came into the house as a princess but is leaving as a queen and she’s saying it in all humility. She thanked everybody who voted for her till now. She revealed she has no idea why they kept saving her and suggested it was because they probably saw beneath her piercings and tattoos.
“In all sense of humility, I’m a princess, I came into this house a boss lady. The truth is, right now I stand before you all a queen because I feel like I have grown. I came here thinking I was amazing and I’m taking this money home. Then I got stocked up with these people who are different from me, their orientation, upbringing and everything but I struggled and made it to top 5. I want to say I did this myself. People out there kept me here. I want to say thank you to them for investing in me”
Marvis took a more funny approach in her speech saying she needs to win because W.I.N is in her body. she described herself as a go getter and has accomplished things she thought she would never have. She used the pidgin english to give most of her speech
My people, I die put, i cry put, even times when i dey form honesty, I lie put. So abeg, pick me, no pick me like nose wey you fit throwaway but pick like beans so i fit stay so i go fit win.
Debbie Rise who was the last to speak said she didn’t have her family’s blessing to come on the show but she ran away from home not because she wants to be rebellious but because she wants to be an example to everyone to chase their dreams at all cost.
“I ran away from home to be here because there was something I believed in. I wanted to be more than the usual and not just for myself. I wanted to be able bridge the gap and meet people at the point of their needs. I ran away from home not because I wanted to be rebellious but because we have a standard and doctrines and principles and I was scared to be alone. I want just want to prove a point that this career, this passion that I have to be an inspiration and a sense of motivation to girls”
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