Reader’s Mail: Ghana As A Shithole Nation; The Cause By Her Citizenry

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The remarks made by the president of the United States, Mr Donald trump has created a conundrum which has attracted diversified criticisms either in favor or against his statement describing African nations as shithole countries, and disparaged Haitians during an immigration meeting prompted outcry from some lawmakers. Some lawmakers specifically criticize the president, while others countered the sentiments of his remarks with others disputing whether Mr. Trump made the vulgar remark at all.


The bipartisan backlash to the president’s comment has become intense with some critics arguing that Mr. Trump comments are not only offensive but ignorant on his part. They make assertions to the fact that, Africans in the united States perform extremely well as compared to most American indigenes. Almost all the leaders on the African continent have refuted such comments.

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However, some indigenes of these affected countries have accepted these comments made by Mr. Trump to certain extents. They build their argument on the bases of corrupt practices, selfish leadership style and the lackadaisical attitudes of some African citizens toward national development.

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A case in Ghana


The oxford dictionary describes a shithole as an extremely dirty, shabby or otherwise unpleasant place.


This definition, juxtaposing it with most African countries with respect to individualism holds and not the countries in particular. This is as a result of the boorish attitudes of some African leaders and citizens towards national development.


A typical case is the indiscriminate disposal of wastes by the citizenry and lack of proper management of these waste by the stakeholders responsible. In Ghana, it is unequivocally evident that 7 out of 10 Ghanaians engage in one or two misconduct towards refuse disposal and management.


Some Ghanaians, sit in the comfort of their luxury vehicles and throw plastics, sachet rubbers and the likes on to the streets of Ghana. Some people, wait for the rains to start and secretly and boorishly dispose of their refuse in the gutters to be carried away by the flowing water.


Some also deliberately allow their wards to ease themselves into polyethylene bags and throw them into gutters, on the streets, behind their neighbour’s houses and in water bodies. Such doings, for which the society is supposed to abhor is seen otherwise. It is so appalling that even some Ghanaians in institutions of higher levels of education are key culprits of these acts.


No wonder a white lady one day in Cape Coast threw a bottle in a gutter as she walks down a street. She would never have done same in her home country because, she will be made to face sanctions. The environment she finds herself has influence her life in the negative way. If such a person is ask about Mr. Trump’s comment on Africa, she will definitely testify and may even cite Ghana as a typical example of shithole nation.


Most Ghanaians attitude toward development of the nation is extremely poor, but are quick to criticise those in authorities. Let no Ghanaian for get that, the nation belongs to all and as such her (Ghana) growth is the responsibility of all and sundry.


The unfortunate thing is that, even when there are dustbins, people are adamant to deposit their refuse in them. Some also stand afar and throw their refuse, thinking they are magic bins to attract the refuse onto themselves. When it doesn’t and the refuse falls on the ground, he or she is hesitant to pick it.


The question is, how do you feel when you do such a wrongful act? If you are not ashamed after such a boorish act, then sorry! you are not fully well, you need help. If you however become ashamed but continue to do that, then you are uncivilized and needs to be whipped. Such persons are those to be described as shitholes. Ghana is never a shithole: some of her citizens are and that is what has contributed to such unwarranted comments from Mr. Trump.


Moving forward, any Ghanian who is civilized and loves his country will take a cue from such a comment to our dear nation and Africa at large. We should make contributing efforts in shaping our attitudes towards refuse disposal and managements.


Let us work hard and discipline ourselves wherever and however we find ourselves. These, if we do, will repose confidence in us that indeed our motherland Ghana has never, is never and will never be shithole.


Be a tool for change

A Clean Ghana Ambassador

A Clean Ghana is Must

??God bless our homeland Ghana??


Reader’s Mail:

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