Real and loving men swallow arousal fluid during oral intercourse – S3kx coach

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Popular intercourse coach, Akosua Davies has recommended that arousal fluid, when taken into the mouth during oral intercourse, should be swallowed and not poured away and it takes real men who understand lovemaking do that.

Akosua said this during an interview on eTV’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show that vaginal juice is very good for men, hence the need to take it in.

To her best knowledge, the vagina is very safe to lick because it is self-cleansing and even cleaner than the mouth.

Akosua queried, “Why is it that we can suck a man’s dick for him to cum and we swallow the semen but you lick a girl’s vagina till she cums and you can’t swallow?”

“God created the vagina such that it cleanses itself unlike the mouth that you wake up in the morning and you have to use brush and toothpaste to clean. We don’t clean it with a sponge or rake or brush. It is self-cleaning”, she said.

For the purpose of education, arousal fluid is the clear, slimy juice that comes out of a woman’s vagina when she is sexually aroused. This fluid serves as a natural lubricant to allow for easy penetration during intercourse.


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