“True Love Is When A Man Supports His Wife Even If She Gets Pregnant For Another Man,” Lady Asserts

Love is indeed a beautiful thing and everyone has their own definition of what true love really is. Some people will do things that are unimaginable to others just to show they really love someone.

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This is what has occasioned the different definitions of true love because there is no one definition of true love.

Against this backdrop, a Nigerian Lady has stirred controversy with what she thinks true love really entails.

Omasilachi Amanda Ifeoluwa Chinda believes that true love is when a man would do anything to support their wife even if they know very well that she got pregnant not for them but for another man.

According to her, it is not just a show of true love for the wife, but men who are able to do this are real men she reckons.

Very few men would do this, though a lot of men have taken care of pregnancies that are not theirs, that is different because if they knew, they would probably not do it.

“A real man will support his woman even if she is pregnant for another man… That’s True love,” she wrote.

We have seen and heard of people who didn’t know pregnancies were not theirs and went ahead to take care of the wife, but when they do get to know that they were taking care of another man’s child, they simply drive them to go locate their father of the children or child.

This is a clear indication that no man would agree to take care of a woman whose pregnancy they clearly know isn’t theirs.


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