Real Madrid Vs Liverpool: People Are Going To Win Big Money Today With This Company & Here’s WHY

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By the end of the day, we will know who becomes the winner Of UEFA Champions league. Real Madrid and Liverpool made it to the final and the two teams would be battling for supremacy on the night but what makes this game even much more exciting is the fact that, people would become millionaires based on their predictions for match.

Ofcourse, several football lovers will be placing their bets on these two teams, so they can win something and the odds for both teams look very attractive. It’s an opportunity to make at least some 50% return on your investment for a prediction you will make either before the game starts or when it even starts as you can place live bets.

In moments like this, it’s important that every gambler settles with a betting company that they can have higher odds, ability to sell their bet slip before something goes wrong and that’s why everyone who wants to win and protect their deposit must use this betting company known as 1xbet.

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I will tell you just 3 reasons why you should consider placing your bets on the UCL using 1xbet and also making them your favorite bookmarker.

1. You Can Sell Your Slip Before Things Get Worse:

Sometimes, you may make a good prediction and you are close to winning but for some funny reason, one team messes it up or something bad happens in the match and you end up losing your cash. If you decide to create an account with 1xbet and you place your bets, you can decide to SELL YOUR SLIP to the company.  What does it mean to sell your slip? Okay, so let’s say you tip Madrid to win in the UCL and you had an odd of say 2.5 at the time you placed and you placed Ghc1,000, when you win, it means you get Ghc2,500. Now the game starts and Madrid scores a goal and is leading but from what you observe while they playing the game, you feel Madrid may not be able to win fully, so at that moment, the company MAY offer you a price at which they would buy your slip and how much they would want to buy it depends on several factors, which you would come to understand as you use more of this feature. Let’s say the company offers to buy at Ghc1,500, if you accept their offer, you will be paid Ghc1,500 right into your account and if in the end, Madrid ends up drawing, you would have won (at least you get your deposit amount plus some good profits) but if there was no sell feature, you would have lost your Ghc1,000. I believe this explanation will make sense to you.

2. Place BET  Insurance on your slip:

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Yes, you can buy insurance for your bet slip? I believe you understand the concept of Insurance already so won’t write much on this. You can decide to insure your deposit amount from 10-100% so that when you lose you get the percentage of deposit you insured. So for instance, I decide to tip a WIN for Madrid and placed a bet of Ghc100. I can decide to insure this bet by 100%, meaning if I lose, I get my Ghc100 back. Of course you pay for insurance but it’s usually lower than the deposit amount. So for Ghc100 deposit and you decide to insure it for 100%, you may pay 50ghc for insurance, so when you lose, you get your 100ghc back so in reality, you have lost only 50ghc but when you win, you take all your winnings away. You get it right? Click here to get your account now.

3.The Highest Odd And More Options To Bet On

To be honest, one of the many good reasons people love 1xbet is the fact that, they have very high odds and for every gambler investing their money, good odds are a motivation to place bets. Aside the fact that 1xbet has very high odds, another interesting thing about the bookmarker is the fact that, they have lots and lots of options for anyone to bet on. Those options you won’t find on other bookmarkers, you would come across it on 1xbet and it makes winning easier because everyone wants to win money and not ‘donate’ it right? Create an account and check out all the different options available on the site.

To get started, it’s important to get a 1xbet account, so CLICK HERE now to get an account today and get 100% bonus on first deposit.

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But betting does not end when the UCL ends, there are more games, you can bet on, that can win you some money. Remember the World cup will soon start and you will be able to make some cool cash. You should also look at basketball, hockey, table tennis, Virtual reality games, Casinos, and soo many opportunities on 1xbet to make some good money.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead now and place your bets. CLICK HERE to create an account and get 100% bonus on first deposit but 130 if you use any of the promo codes below. If you face any challenges, email me | We have 2 Whatsapp groups but they are full now, so will create a 3rd one soon and add it here and also I will be launching another website strictly for sports betting tips, so make sure to check regularly for that update in the coming days.

1xbet also has an APP for those on Android, so CLICK HERE to Download. There’s also an app in the Appstore for iOS users.


For those in Ghana, you can easily make deposits with MTN and it’s automatic (If you already have a 1xbet account and had issue with deposit, check again because now deposits are back) and takes less than 3 seconds to have your money in your account once you approve the transaction on your phone and you can easily bet. Aside the MTN option, there are other deposit methods like Skrill, Netteller, Visa/Mastercard, Cyrptocurrencies, etc. If you are reading from Nigeria, South Africa or any other country, after registering, check the deposit page and see all the deposit methods, that would best work for you and use it.

With withdrawals on 1xbet, it’s partially automated and partially manual but now there are more hands working on withdrawals, so within 1-15 minutes, you get withdrawals when you use MTN. With other payment methods like Skrill, they are instant.

Go big and win something today and always, don’t always be chasing big odds. Sometimes give single slips a chance so you can win more. Good luck..