Reggae Artiste IWAN Fired By His Management For These 4 Reasons

Dancehall and Reggae artiste Iwan has been fired by his management Jahsigfamily Entertainment, a record label Iwan is signed on.

Iwan (I Win Always Naturally) was previously managed by Bull Dog under his Bull Haus Entertainment but parted ways with him over reasons that, Bull Dog was not a good manager.

He was then signed by another record label, “JahsigFamily Entertainment” but it appears, the record label can no longer work with him over reasons that he’s become a financial burden on them without bringing in any revenue.

In a press statement released by the record label, they stated that they no longer have a working relationship with Iwan because of 


# Financial stress on management/Money Conscious and not ready to work to make the money himself and expecting the company to meet his personal and private needs which has nothing to do with work relations

#Rebranding Issues

# Lack Of Integrity

So as it appears now, Iwan has no management and this release by his management could have a negative impact on his career. It could also be an issue of his management  not doing a good job. The record label itself is not even well branded. There’s no contact on their own letter head and even a quick search on Google pops up no original result. Such an irony. They also need to rebrand and I feel they should not be blaming Iwan since they are not well branded either.

See their Press Release Below:

iwan fired would try to get to Iwan and hear his side of the story. Follow us on Instagram, @officialghase


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