Reggie Rockstone finally cuts his age-long dreadlocks

It seems like Reggie Rockstone has shed some of his hair. Thus, the longtime dreadlocks that Reggie Rockstone was known for have finally been cut off.

After a period of time during which he let his dreadlocks grow out to their full length, the grandpa ultimately made the decision to cut them off.

Reggie Rockstone is seen wearing a new hairstyle that is distinct from the one he was known for in the past in a picture that he uploaded to social media and shared with his followers.

It is largely agreed upon that Reggie Rockstone was the one who was responsible for introducing people in Ghana and the rest of Africa to the musical genre known as hip-life.

The public’s conception of who he is was aided to become more firmly established by the unusual look of his dreadlocks.

Reggie Rockstonecuy


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