Reggie Rockstone reacts to Archipalago’s insults over his wack ‘Megye’ song

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US-based Ghanaian social media personality, Archipalago went mad over Reggie Rockstone’s comment on his song which many have termed as wack.

The U.S based Ghanaian actor now musician has become a laughing stock on social media after his new song dubbed ‘Megye’ ft Obanje got more ‘dislikes’ than ‘likes’.

The originator of Ghanaian music genre Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone after getting insulted by Archipalago, has explained what he meant with his earlier post in relation to Archipalago’s ‘Megye’ single.

According to Reggie, he never described ‘Megye’ as a ‘wack’ track. But rather made a prediction about how music is perceived and received lately; this could mean a ‘blow up’ for Archipalago’s ‘Megye’ track.

Reggie added that he went on to liken music to food and how everyone has his/her own taste. He went on to hit on critics of the ‘Megye’ track, and added that most of them “can’t even cook”.

But according to Reggie, Archipalago got it all wrong.

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