Regina King Husband: Who Did He Marry?

Regina King Husband

With several awards to her credit and also being regarded as one of the best American actors, she is many people’s role model, but who is Regina King husband? Who did the beautiful American actress and voice actor marry?

A lot of people get famous on the back of their relationship with others but it does not appear to be so as Regina has made a name for herself before making the commitment to marry, but who is her husband?

In this article, we are going to take a look t who Regina King husband is and what has been the situation in their marriage. Also, you will get to know a bit more about her and whether or not she has any children with her husband.

She got married a long time ago, but what has been the status of that marriage?

You will get to find out about that.

Regina King Husband: Who is Regina?

Regina King Net Worth

Before we zoom in on who she married, let’s take a look into her life; who is she?

Regina was born in Los Angeles County, California’s View Park-Windsor Hills.

She is the eldest child of special education teacher Gloria Jean King and electrician Thomas Henry King Jr.

Her parents divorced in 1979.

She is the younger sister of What’s Happening Now! actor and former actress Reina King.

Regina earned his high school diploma from Westchester in 1988.

She later enrolled at the University of Southern California to study communications, but after just two years she dropped out after realizing she loved acting.

Who is Regina King husband?

Regina King Husband

Regina King Husband

Regina King husband was Ian Alexander Sr, who she married in 1997 but after a decade and a son together, they parted ways in 2007.

As has been the case for celebrities, their marriages come with some fanfare but hardly ever last any longer.

Ian Alexander Sr was born on April 8, 1956, in Canada.

There is nothing on the internet about his early life, parents, siblings, or extended family.

He produces records and is a media figure.

Ian Alexander Sr, Regina King husband from 1997 to 2007, a native of British Columbia, has appeared in numerous television productions like Animal Miracles, The Chris Isaak Show, and Masters of Horror in cameo roles.

He also made an appearance in the 2000 Disney film The Ultimate Christmas Present.

The two teenage females who serve as the film’s protagonists are Sam and Allie.

The Marriage and Matters Arising

How Old Is Regina King

Ian Alexander Sr was Regina King husband for a decade, but how did they meet and what were the conditions surrounding their marriage and divorce?

The former couple was believed to have met in the 1990s.

They got married in 1997 and moved to Los Angeles a year or two later.

Alexander Sr attended a number of events with his then-wife.

The couple divorced in 2007.

There are rumors that Alexander Sr’s adultery caused their breakup.

In addition, Ian Alexander Sr was charged with drug use and domestic abuse, although none of these accusations were ever proven.

Alexander Sr and his ex-wife were able to maintain a cordial relationship following their divorce for the sake of their child.

Their only son was Ian Alexander Jr.

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