Relationship without atopa becomes more successful after marriage than those with atopa — Man

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A Nigerian man named @ElvisOkhifo on Twitter has spoken out against having sex before marriage.

He said that couples who have sexual affairs usually break up.

The netizen implied in a tweet that relationships without sexual activity usually lead to happy marriages.

“A relationship that thrives without sexual engagements is more likely to evolve into a beautiful marriage than one where fornication is the order of the day,” he said.

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“If you can build a healthy friendship without sex, almost anything else can be worked on cause you’re seeing clearly,” the netizen stressed.

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Okhifo’s assertion gathered divergent views on the microblogging app, with many disagreeing with him.

Some say a lady can disguise herself as if she is a virgin and force their men to avoid sex until marriage while they may be having affairs with different men.

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