Release Shatta Wale and apologise to him completely! – Aggrieved Youth club tells IGP

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An aggrieved group who call themselves Youth for Peace and Security Africa (YPSA) is calling on the police to immediately release Shatta Wale from custody and apologise completely to him.

A press release signed by YPSA’s Executive Director Abraham Korbla Klutsey on Thursday, October 21 said some pastors and prophets have pronounced deaths on prominent persons in Ghana with Shatta Wale receiving two of those prophecies.

In all these, the group stresses, the police have not taken any action.

“No amount of police intelligence, ongoing investigations and arrest of criminals have ever brought back to life any victim of murder. Were the police waiting for Shatta Wale to be gunned down and killed before they act?

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“Shatta Wale has the right to protest the failure of the Ghana police administration to guarantee his right to peace, safety and security.”

They described Monday’s move as “intelligent, noble and selfless”, stressing that the country will from hence be saved from December 31st death prophecies.

“Shatta Wale is a hero. He has saved many from mental and emotional trauma and the general public from fear and panic from 2022 and beyond.”

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Don’t forget, Ghana’s very own Shatta Wale was arrested on Tuesday, October 19 after he was declared wanted by the police for feigning a gun attack on him the previous day.



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