Reliable Information Reaching Me Indicates That Castro Is Alive-Father of Janet Bandu

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The mystery surrounding the dissappearance of hiplife musician Castro known in real life as Theophilus Tagoe and Janet Bandu is one yet to be unravelled. For now, no one can blodly say whether the two are dead or not but father of Janet Bandu has disclosed that, he has reasons to believe that Castro is alive.

The father of Janet Bandu says, information getting to him from reliable sources suggests that, Castro is alive and having a great time in Takoradi in the Western Region.

Mr. Bandu told Starr FM in an exclusive interview with Western regional correspondent, Emmanuel Ohene Gyan that some underground people in the oil city relayed the information to him. The father of Janet Bandu, who is disgruntled about how his daughter had gone missing has pointed out that, he will never forgive the family of Castro if it turns out that, the information reaching him is true.
“There are people who are telling me that Castro is alive and is in town, if it is true that he is alive and is in town… I am telling you before God and man, if it is true…Oh Lord Jesus Christ I don’t know what will happen in this country,” Mr. Bandu said.

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“They say, they say is never evidence to me but if it is true that he is alive in Takoradi or any part of the Western region…then I don’t know what will happen.

“I am demanding my daughter from Castro, if he is no more, may God bless but if he is alive [then I want my daughter].”

Mr. Bandu has, however, denied rumours that he is preparing for the funeral rites of his daughter.


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