Removing the defibrillator cost Raphael Dwamena’s life – Dr. Antonio Asso

Following the death of Black Stars star Raphael Dwamena, football fans have been left wondering why he did not follow the doctors’ advice to stop playing football.

It has also been discovered that the player removed his defibrillator, which resulted in his death on that fateful day after just 23 minutes of Albanian league play.

His personal cardiologist, Dr. Antonio Asso, has also come under fire in recent days for allowing the sportsman to remove the defibrillator that was assisting him.

Raphael Dwamena, according to Dr. Antonio, made the personal choice to have the defibrillator removed a year before his tragic demise.

He added that the defibrillator had previously saved Dwamena’s life when he suffered malignant arrhythmia and that he even encouraged the player to retire from football following that episode.

“He died as a result of a respectable personal decision. But if the defibrillator had not been explanted, Raphael would still be alive,” Dr Asso said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“We managed to convince him of the imperative need to implant a defibrillator to at least guarantee his life, at the same time that we advised against practicing professional sports.”

The Spanish cardiologist added, “They told me a couple of years ago that the defibrillator had saved his life when he had a malignant arrhythmia that the device had correctly treated automatically. We subsequently lost contact.

“From that moment on, I was aware that one day the tragedy that occurred on Saturday on a soccer field in Albania would happen.”

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