Reno Omokri Says It’s A Man’s Duty To Work Including Cooking, Dish Washing, Cleaning And Others

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Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has taken to social media to dish out advice to men but it’s clear that the female gender is going to rejoice over this more than their opponent.

He has indicated that men are supposed to take the responsibility of working and taking care of their kids and not solely leave them on their wives.

The popular political activist emphasized that God created men to work and women are only helping to support and not replace them because women are helpers and workhorses.

He added that the men’s work including cooking, cleaning shopping for groceries dish washing, and raising the child they’ll produce as a family.

Taking to his Instagram page he wrote,

“It was Adam, the man, that God ordered to do the work on Earth-Genesis 2:15. The woman, Eve, was created by God to help him-Genesis 2:20. God did NOT create Eve to do the work for Adam. Women are created to be HELPERS, not WORK HORSES. Therefore, every work, including cooking, cleaning, dish washing, shopping for groceries and most importantly, child raising, is the man’s work. The woman is to HELP the man, not replace him as the person commanded by God to do the work. It is not manly to leave your wife to do all that work. It is a disobedience to a direct command from God!”

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